A teacher’s sonnet






With apologies to ShakespeareImage

Let me not to the marking of scripts


Let me not to the marking of many scripts

admit ineptitude. Sanity is not sanity

which fails when it flaws finds

or bends with the writers who are deluded.

Oh no! It is an ever flowing cup

of coffee trudged through calloused catacombs to invigilate

in the long grey hours that are cold, lonely, never up.

Oh these hours on hours on days. These days I hate.

Sanity’s not for sissies, fool! It’s a fragile brew

within the double coiled loops of this lamentable distillery

where load shedded neurons along the grey folds are few

still hoping through hell for relief from this pillory.

And if it be shown that this is sanity

I’ll trade my next paycheck for a frontal lobotomy.

M scallan



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