Shelf portrait: how to smile


We walk, breathe and go about our daily business as if we were immortal.  We are not.  The immediate comforts around us are likely to change.

How does one cope?

1. Remember you are more than the memories that have formed you.
2. Be kind,  if possible, be gentle with yourself. You have made it this far, congratulate your achievements.
3. Find old friends,  adopt a pet.  Find warmth.
4. If you’re tired,  sleep.  Stuff all the new studies.
5. Buy yourself a kindersurprise chocolate,  or a toy you have wanted for decades.
6. Be happy you are alive.
7. All those gripes about the world.  Move on.
8. Find beauty in simplicity
9. Avoid people that complain.
10. Never take yourself seriously.

Mike Scallan

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